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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Experiscent Number 9: Get into the...........

Mmm.  Oils.  I don't know anyone who doesn't have an affinity for them.  Experiscent number 9 is n ot a very well known scent outside of perfumista territory but it deserves a lot more attention than it's ever gotten.  Beautiful and mysterious yet approachable and somewhat familiar, with a relatively low price for the punch that it packs.  It was super-enjoyed by all the blind reviewers almost immediately (score!!!)  Panel reviews:

Paula:  First wearing: This is an oriental (?—or maybe an oriental fougere?) that perhaps shares some notes with Trayee.  It doesn’t exactly REMIND me of Trayee, just seems to have something in common. There is something pungent, not quite camphoraceous, in the opening of this fragrance. I’m struggling to identify what I’m smelling. Herbs? I don’t know, but it’s kind of dark and chemical-ish, almost medicinal. It’s sort of interesting but nothing particularly attractive, at least on me.

Second wearing, a few days later: Now it reminds me of Panda (note:  from Zoologist perfumes), but instead of being fresh and green like Panda, it’s murkier, like bamboo and tea leaves at the bottom of a pond. It’s warm, dark, musty, and pungent all at once. …After the top wears off, I’m getting some sweetness in this one too. …In the drydown, I’m getting some woods.

Erica (edited because she knew what it was immediately :)  )  Oh how I love this gorgeous, unmistakable, unique perfume. The orange blossom is almost soapy and almost sugary, a vivacious and vibrant contrast to the deeply brooding oudh. All other accent notes such as saffron, cinnamon, and sandalwood are merely glints of light thrown by the main gemstones of orange blossom and oudh. I am obsessed with this perfume oil and deeply grateful to own a bottle myself.  

IgorAt first I absolutely hated this scent. I thought it was cumbersome and heavy like a tombstone. It reminded me of the black leather car seats that get burning hot in summer and radiate a very noisome heavy smell. That was my reaction for the first 5 minutes, I even wanted to go ash it off. I’m very glad I did not. I gotta say that it has become my most favorite among all nine. I’m not a fan of leather in fragrance, but it has dissipated into deliciously buttery and soft Italian leather. What makes it especially beautiful is the addition of the sweetness, maybe vanilla, which makes the scent smooth and waxy, yet earthy. Within half an hour the heaviness lifts, leaving behind engulfing sunny warmth of amber and musk undertones. The longevity is fantastic due to the nature of notes used, 12 hours on me. The sillage is moderate, stays close to skin, but you definitely leave a trace as you walk by. I don’t know why but it painted a very vivid picture in my mind. Sophia Loren in San Remo in 1970’s, is seating at the small café by the water on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon. She is wearing a white airy linen dress, clanking gold bracelets and oversized dragonfly sunglasses. She has a horn shaped terracotta Florentine leather bag from which she whips out a cigarette, lights it up, leans back and enjoys a cup of coffee. The fresh air hits her face and caresses her hair. Everything is filled with soft warmth of a perfect summer day.

Alyssa:   Hellooooo smooth oud! The color and consistency in the vial made me smile as soon as I saw it because of my intrigue with attars and such. While I was hooked on the opening of this fragrance due to the smoothness I couldn’t wait to see what was in store but the dry down unfortunately let me down and turned a bit bitter on me. I cannot wait to find out what this one is though to see what else is offered

NicoleBoom! The spicy cinnamon and spilled bourbon wafting in the air on a dusty summer day. The heat baking it into the wood even harder than it would soak in alone. A slow rolling, boozy drawl that seems to linger past normal business hours. Sensual in a way because the warmth and pepper surround you, while the whisky slow burns on it's way down. Just the way a cowboy likes his drink, neat with some heat. This particular scent lasted an unusually long time on my skin, and remained bold until the very end. The pepper, cinnamon and bourbon notes all gave distinct imagery this time around. It obviously reminded me of the Old West, cowboys, little mining towns and dusty trails. Gorgeous, seemingly simple at first but then it evolves into so much more! I would enjoy wearing this on a night out dancing, just because of how sensual it comes across.

TronaWarm, indulgent, sweet, caramelized honey syrup drizzled over vanilla ice cream, that is all I could think of when I walked into the coffee shop, it was a beautiful day, sprinkling showers and sun mixed together creating a relaxing, laid back atmosphere. Creamy Caramel Macchiato was on the agenda in this cozy street café today. Initially, I smelled this lovely buttered popcorn drenched in caramel and then came the benzoins and musk, I never wanted to leave the café, The smell draws you in and you get warm fuzzies all over, it is strong and seems to last all day. I notice it is an oil type, and gourmand. It is a wonderful scent, not at all overbearing and can be worn anytime of year. It makes me think of warm, cozy days, toasty marshmallows and the woods. Unisex and reminds me of Kyse perfumes

JenWOW! This one packs a spiked-velvet punch. I'm fighting a cold and debated on trying #9 or waiting, and decided to just do one dab on one wrist so I could have some to try again after my head clears up…and it was a wise choice. I'm guessing this is a perfume oil from the viscosity. I get some cinnamon and maybe a few other warm spices. Something else is quite earthy. It smells as heavy as it felt on application; I'm glad it is a cold day here in the desert to keep this at bay! This is the first tester that has given me a distinct mental image of the wearer, and I totally see my 19 year old Bauhaus and black loving self going gaga for it. This one calls for dark rooms, dark lips, dark clothes, and (possibly cheap) dark booze.

AlfredoNo.9 Is smooth and almondy with hints of anise or licorice...I'm also getting something green lying underneath....Patchouli is that you??  The drydown on me is a rich french vanilla...this would be a scent I'd reach for on a Bright Autumn afternoon going to a Café with one of my Friends.  Easy and relaxed.

Emily:  I'm 99% sure that the first thing I smell from this oil is olibanum (aka frankincense), so that probably means I'm totally wrong. Well, if I'm wrong it'll be worth the humilition to find out what that is because it smells amazing. It only lasts 15 minutes or so, sadly, and goes through a minor powdery stage as it transitions to some indolic white flower, probably tuberose.

My review and reveal:
So excited to reveal this one.  It's Ghroob (the oil version) by Arabian Oud.         
There are some scents that immediately throw me back to my early twenties.  This would have been 1991 to about 1995......that time of my life was marked by late nights, lots of leather and loud music, and long days in the sun at music festivals, having a drink and not having much of a care in the world.  I moved to Seattle during this period and at the time there were many import stores and smoke shops, with the occasional coffee bar.  Grunge was the music of the day and various oil perfumes could be smelled in every dive club.  Everyone's youth was underscored by the intensity of the fragrances......spice here, wood or musk there.......patchouli, vanilla, jasmine, and china rain scents were also the rage.  At this point in my life most of those scents are something that i only associate with the past, but when i find an oil that has the apprpriate level of maturity that I love at the current stage in my life I'm all over it.  Ghroob was one that I picked up after a wonderfu person on an online forum stated her love of the fragrance....and now it came in an oil!  A bonus for me, since living in a low-humidity environment can subdue even powerhouse fragrances.  I bought it online and was very pleased with how it immediately brought to mind the memories of my early Northwest days and the sense of anticipation that I had about my future.  

Ghroob opens with a pale yet rich leathery aura, with something that feels like fuzzy apricot skin.  The fruitiness I will attribute to orange blossom, it doesn't seem like a smack in the face here but hangs in a hazy veil.  A melange on spices hangs in the atmosphere.....saffron always weaves a silky feel for me and here it is an indulgently rich addition,  exotic yet welcoming.  Cinnamon is definitely apparent, but like the baking cinnamon, just a touch, like you would find in a tagine.  

Though i get florals they are incredibly well blended.  For brief seconds each is identifiable, but just as quickly they blend back into the fold, and the use of palmarosa (which to me smells like an oregano touched lemon and rose) and herbs adds a new and intriguing element to the florals.  They never get too sweet and makes this scent a perfect unisex fragrance.  At no point does this scent ever identify as one family of scent...... Layer upon layer, it shifts and turns, constantly keeping your nose intrigued.  Now it is spice, now musk, is this a floral?  As you become used to one facet, another teases in the background until you focus on it, and once that one starts to fade another one is ready for your attention. 

When I wear this now and someone who has now lived a bit, the anticipation about my future has proved to be a good thing.  I have maintained much of who I was, but have the perspective of an adult.  When I go 'home' to where I grew up, it's wonderful to have a scent that makes me appreciate everything that I have experienced.  Ghroob allows me to embrace my maturity while still providing me a vision of my past.  Now,  I feel that this is a leather jacket on an autumn night in NYC.  It's a little smokey, a little steamy, and a hint of spices and headshop incense pop as you walk past different shops on your way to meet your friends.  The present stage is good, but we will always retain a fondness for who we were before.

Ghroob's notes as per Fragrantica:
agarwood (oud), saffron, cinnamon, orange blossom, thyme and marjoram; middle notes are bulgarian rose, jasmine, gardenia, palmarosa and geranium; base notes are sandalwood, white amber, musk and vanilla.  

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