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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm a huge candle lover. I have all kinds, from Slatkin and Yankee to Lafco, D.L. Company and Aquiesse. I have to say that I've found that, in general, the higher the price point the better the scent....not necessarily in terms of throw, but in general ambience.

One that I'm burning right now is Votivo Sea Blue Sky. The description from the website describes the scent as:
"The sensory delight of wide open spaces, dancing kites, foggy blue-gray seashores and the souls of dew-drench lavender buds and moistened, softened amber remnants- romance on the eve of spring.".

The first time I experienced this scent, cold-sniffed, I found it to be very heavy on the wood and woody-musk. I reached for it one day when the sun was just starting to warm up the ground outside and wanted something that didn't scream 'winter'. I let it burn for awhile,ignored it, and went into another room for an hour to do some work. Somewhere in the interim, a magical transformation occured with the scent of the candle.

When I came back into the kitchen, my living area, dining area and kitchen all smelled wonderful. You could finally make out the lavender buds, but just lightly, over the woodsy scent. It definitely gave the impression of an early spring day outside, when the leaves haven't peeked out yet but the earth is starting to generate that lovely spring, slightly damp, woodsy scent.

My favorite thing about Votivo candles is that as long as the wick is trimmed properly, they don't soot much, although sometimes the wax doesn't melt completely. For the most part, though, they make a reliable and consistently lovely-scented product. A- on this scent!!!!

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