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Monday, November 5, 2012

Keiko Mecheri Bespoke: Bal De Roses

Rose is a ubiquitous note in many fragrances, so while I generally say that I'm not a fan of rose scents, that's not necessarily true.  I typically don't like scents that feature rose as an almost-soliflore.  However, rose and elevate, brighten, and flesh out a fragrance like few florals can, and the different ways rose can be interpreted are myriad. 
Bal de Roses is a scent that starts with a blast of floral peppered with a brightness and spice that seems modern, like a huge minimalist vase of roses in a chic, edgy luxury hotel.  There are so many florals in this, with the ylang ylang adding a blue edge, the tuberose a slight latex-like scent, and jasmine brightening the core.  The overall effect is large and bright and beautiful, very feminine and ethereal.  The rose is a support note and the one that is most obvious, filling out any empty spaces left by the other notes, and at each sniff it takes a different, a little tea rose.  There, a lush, red spiced rose.  A moment of sunny yellow. 
When the oud comes out, it mirrors the latex feel of the tuberose, but develops into that medicinal quality that good oud has, and finally develops and blends with what I think is sandalwood and maybe benzoin? to form a solid foundation to the florals.  This scent is never heavy but has wonderful sillage. 
Keiko Mecheri has really shown her talents in the Bespoke collection.  I've enjoyed KM scents for awhile but I must say that these are by far her best.  Each one I have tried so far has been absolutely beautiful. 

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