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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mirage: Atelier Ambre Nue

With the fall comes the annual amber kick.  Typically I gravitate toward heavier amber scents but my skin amplifies all the amber-associated components and notes, so sometimes I'm searching for an amber that won't scream my presence across a room. 

Today I tried Atelier's Ambre Nue.  At first sniff, this smells like a typical, light amber fragrance.  It comes across as light and sweet, this is definitely not cold-weather amber but like amber boating on a lake in the summertime with a beer.  The mandarin and bergamot make a quick appearance,  like a surprisingly candied citrus.  I'm almost turned off, but I'm finding it intriguing that my amber is turning into a lemon amber meringue candy drop.  It's actually entertaining.  Every few minutes I'm sniffing and getting something else:  oranges.  a flash of sunlight.  light amber. 

A while later, the citrus melds into a slightly spicy kick with the slightest breath of floral.  I love how this entire time, the amber is still just barely perceptible.  It quietly dances on the outskirts of the fragrance, like an artist might use a few lines to add structure to an otherwise muted drawing.

Every facet of this scent is a surprise.  Although not an 'amber' scent per se in the commonly accepted sense, it's a wonderful translation and feels like a crowd pleaser.  I'll definitely be reaching for this one in the spring when I need my amber fix.

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