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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Strange Invisible Perfumes Emerald Moss Review

I don't have a great relationship with natural perfumes.  Whether it's my nose, or my skin which has been exposed to chemicals for 43 years so when it sees something natural immediately eats it, they tend to be lacking something in boldness or strength.  Now and again I will be inspired to try something new, and I am a sucker for greens and blues and anything that recalls a forest, so when I saw a posting for the new Strange Invisible Perfumes Reserve Series Emerald Moss, I immediately became obsessed with the lovely dark green juice.  I like moss, but sometimes I find it too elemental....but the hypnotic forest hued liquid convinced me that I had to have at least a sample.

My sample arrived and yes, it was a lovely vibrant green.  I eagerly tried it right away, and my arm was suddenly awash in a bright lime (which is not in the notes listed but hey, it's what I got) and clean, misty floral wave of scent.  The lime was sweet rather than sour, and the florals were light.  Strong and beautiful, I sat back to await my mossy adventure.

Fifteen minutes later I still didn't have my moss, but the scent took on a water vibe....this is running water, and burbling brook complete with rocks, with a cool breeze behind it.  Not in any way an aquatic, but in a woods-after-a-spring-rain way........delightful.  Except for the lime, no note was immediately distinguishable.  This is not to insinuate anything bad, only to imply that the blending is impeccable.  It was beginning to give me the sensation of a bright green layer of spring moss on a rock, when it is absolutely vibrant and almost neon in intensity in contrast to the cool green of the trees around it.

After we hazily existed in this stage for awhile, getting to know each other and having a figurative waterside picnic, the fragrance abruptly changed and led me into the deep woods.  The moss suddenly becomes mysterious and dark, shedding the brightness of the beginning and becoming a little brooding.  As you venture deeper, a true emerald carpet appears on every exposed surface, and the moss is hanging from the trees in soft green swaths.  This moss is sweet and true, so beautiful that it actually evokes emotion from me, wrapping me in its arms of green and night and fresh sweetness.  It's laced with the memory of sunshine and flowers and breathes their scent out into the cool night air.  The texture is rich and I can sense some vetiver and mounds of soft living vegetation,  but there is so distinguishable smoke here, just the perfect image of moss on fallen trees.  This beautiful stage lasts for about 4 hours, which was pretty shocking to me.  This may be due to the mate used in the scent which tends to anchor fragrance, or the khus oil.  I have never had a natural fragrance last for that amount of time so I have to say I'm impressed by its longevity.  

I am rarely moved to breathlessness by a scent.  This one touched me somehow, and brought me to a realm of fairies and wood nymphs and beauty.  I don't know if I could ever afford the bottle, but it may bring out in me the desire to save for one.  I will say that it reminded me vaguely of the final stages of Bel Respiro, but with a much deeper, darker quality......that is not to say that they are redundant, only that if you like Bel Respiro, you will likely love this scent.   It is an absolute pleasure.

Notes per Strange Invisible Perfumes :  mate, ginger, temple mandarin, lavender, khus, and rose essence.

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