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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Volnay Fragrances Perlerette

Part 3 of Volnay can read part 1 here  and here.  
In my reviews of Volnay scents I saved this one for last because it required a few different wearings to figure it out.  Of the 5, this is the one that gave me the most mental churn.  Did I like it?  At first I didn't know.  When I first applied it, I got a very doughy, almost bitter iris, and ambrette, which I am typically not a fan of.  I like iris but there are some iris fragrances that I have never been able to tolerate.  This immediate note recalled that same unsettling feeling for me.

Powering through, I waited a few minutes and there was my reward.  The dough in the iris faded and allowed a lovely pale purple bloom to come through.  This effect was further enhanced by an airy lilac note that wasn't too sweet, rather recalling the bud instead of the bloom.  Pink pepper and orange blossom further flavored the bouquet and spring suddenly was surrounding my arm.  The dough was a little wisp of memory floating around it but it worked quite well and the ambrette, to me, recalled the sword shaped leaves of the iris.  Very feminine and balanced, this reminded me of a tailored,  lavender colored linen dress. 

As the fragrance progresses we get a hint of a woody violet, and a lovely fluffy vanilla musk comes out.  Not dessert-like in the least, but like a halo of light powder, enhanced by the 4092 base.  It's  a bit like the drydown of Nirmal by Laboratorio Olfattivo.....veil like and long-wearing.  It gives me the impression of walking on a cloud, surrounded by beauty.  I wore this on a day where the weather was turning towards the warm and was aware of little hints of purple-colored spring flowers and vanilla powder all day. A surprising little fragrances, because the opening stage was my least favorite, however, I found it to be a gem.

All in all, I really do love all the Volnay fragrances.  My favorites would be Yapana and Perlerette, simply because I gravitate to a well-done hyper-feminine scent.  However, every single one is beautifully composed.  The lasting power is amazing, some were obvious over 10 hours after application, and was evident still after 10 hours and a shower.  This house is most definitely worth checking out.

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