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Monday, October 20, 2014

Oriza LeGrand Jardins D'Armide

Notes from Fragrantica.

Top: Rose, orris, powdery notes, orange blossom; Mid: Iris, violet, carnation, wisteria; Base: Honey, almond, tonka bean, musk

You must like sweet powder scents to like this fragrance.

The minute I applied it to my skin I got ROSE, powder, orris, and honey.  It's sweet, almost like you could chew it.  It has a lovely vintage feel, but not it the overly old fashioned has the vintage feel of a beautiful fabric, softened and worn with time.  The rose and the honey put me in mind of pink want to touch it and the very femininity of it is what makes it so appealing.

The rose backs off, just a little bit, to allow some of the other florals to peek through.  I get a touch of the spice of the carnation, a bit of orange blossom, a tiptoe of violet, but the powder remains strong.
After about 30 minutes of me, the honey and almond come to the forefront and linger for hours.

What I am most struck by in this fragrance is how I find it so similar to scents like Loukhoum, but a better-constructed, fuller, blousier version.  Fun for a day that needs some sweetness.

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