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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Shalimar Eau Legere - Shalimar Light

Up front, in all honesty, I cannot wear Shalimar.  The traditional one, anyway.  I have been gifted bottles of it.  I've been trying it on since I was a child.  The scent to me is of my grandmother.....this is not to say that it is an 'old lady scent'....I really don't believe in such a thing.  But the lush backdrop of vanilla and tonka and oppoponax was always overwhelming to me and became a distraction rather than an addition to any situation.  I don't shy away from Guerlain fragrances....I love Shalimar, from a distance, but just couldn't find a way to wear it.

Over the years I've felt like I'm missing out somewhere.

I've tried other Shalimar flankers, and found that they make Shalimar more tolerable to me.  I don't know if it's the ingredients used, but all of the flankers are also just so powerful on my skin!  I finally decided to try Shalimar: Eau Legere and I'm truly glad I did.  It holds the same intense lushness as Shalimar, but the composition is kept in check and somehow brighter with a lovely lemon sorbet-like top note that never fades but becomes a sophisticated lemon bar which lingers for quite awhile.  Soon, however, the lemon bar gets taken over by a luscious, slightly smoky rich vanilla, which remains creamy.  My biggest issues with most vanillas are that they smell rather 'thin'....Guerlain has always managed to stay away from that issue.  It may be the tonka that I am experiencing but if it is, is has a truly rich quality whereas usually I find tonka to scream TONKA!.

Though this scent is becoming rather difficult to find, I recommend that those who have a push/pull relationship with Shalimar to try this one.  It truly is worth the money and I'm sure I will be loving the 2 bottles that I have since purchased. 


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