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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Humiecki & Graef Clemency : Review

Notes: Rose, linden blossom, sweet acacia, woods, leather, milk

Clemency opens on a pure tea rose note, tempered by a soft wood and the brightness of linden. I'm afraid of rose notes in general, my skin amplifies it like nothing else and many a rose sample has been thrown in my trash bin (even the good ones like Ta'if and Lyric). Surprisingly, this rose stays in check which is no small feat, and the linden never becomes loud or obnoxious. I'm surprised by the pairing of linden with wood and leather. It turns linden into a refined, year round type of note instead of one that screams SPRING!
This scent stays linear for quite a while.....the rose and linden eventually give way to a smooth, light acacia with the wood strengthening to become the dominant element, but then the milk starts making an appearance. This is not condensed milk, but a light, ethereal sweet note, like the foam on a cappuccino, lending a light airiness to the composition. As a reflection of motherhood....well, I don't know. This is a very elegant mom, not one you'd really want to hug. but definitely intriguing and worldly. It's the mom that takes you to the opera for your 6th birthday. Memorable, but not necessarily fun. Overall impression is that it's a lovely scent, but maybe not one that would be reached for on an everyday basis. It's restrained and elegant, but different and almost sharp. I'm reminded of shell pink linen and an expensive gold compact with light face powder in it.

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