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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LUSH Sympathy For the Skin : Review

Ahhhhh, LUSH. I have had an on again/off again, non-committal relationship with them for a long time now. There are a few products that I find myself returning to: I love the Olive Branch shower gel, as well as Happy Hippy, and their Godiva solid shampoo is amazing. However, there is one product of theirs that has always been a standout for me, and an absolute staple in my cabinet.
My heart is palpitating just saying it:
Sympathy for the Skin.
This lotion has it all. From its very subtle, barely there vanilla bean scent that layers beautifully with just about everything to its smooth, velvety, moisturizing-yet-light texture, this cream is perfect. It's a great hand lotion, fantastic for making my desert-dry legs look smoother, wonderful for all over moisturizing...I've even been know to use a dab of it to de-frizz my hair and when I'm out of my Celestial moisturizer I use it on my face with great results.
Every so often there are rumors that it might be discontinued. I find that hard to believe. However, if that ever occurs my life will be over as I know it.
Price is rather high, but a jar tends to last me about 5 months which is fair. I love the little vanilla bean flecks in the looks so delicious!!!! I also love how it never overpowers anything.

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