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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A surplus of scents.

New year, new blog. I was going through my stash of fragrances the other day, trying to categorize, where I had that moment of enlightenment that I have way too much, and I haven't even worn many of them. It's time to start wearing and reviewing. When most of the shelf space in your closet is taken over by bath and body products, it's time to start using and reviewing. When most of the shelves in your laundry room are taken up by candles, it's time to start using and reviewing. So, here I am.
I have this 'thing' about fragrance. I hate smelly things. Not that most people like them, but I really don't like truly offensive odors and it can take over my whole experience in a very negative way. I started buying perfume regularly in 2005 when I realized that I connect so many memories to smell (which I know is not unusual), but I started realizing just what a visceral reaction some scents had for me. Then I started realizing that there were many beautiful, little-known fragrances in the world and I had to experience them.
As a side note, I have a son with Asperger's Syndrome. He, too, loves scent, which I appreciate. Many children with AS find most scents to be too strong........he does if he doesn't like the scent, but if he likes one he really likes it, so this journey has been fun for me and it is for him as well. How many 10 year olds with Asperger's request Lush Glogg shower gel? And my 4 year old has already decided that his favorite scent is Bond #9 Wall Street and tries to steal his Dad's. I love that my kids have inherited my weird obsession with scent. It's a bonding ritual.
Anywho, here we go. I am not super-educated in the world of fragrance but I can put across my impressions. This blog is mostly for me to remember what I've tried and what I think about a fragrance, and also to chat about daily things, but I hope that maybe some people out there can relate to this and give me feedback or thoughts on things I haven't tried. Happy New Year!!!!!!

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